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The Bastard Assignments Handbook of Live Online Performance[edit]

The internet is changing all the time, as we know. Even in the not-quite-a-year since Bastard Assignments first started making our Lockdown Jams, we have seen features come and go and have discovered many new tools offering exciting new options for creative live online performance work. For that reason, we have decided to make this Handbook of Live Online Performance a wiki, to try to ensure that it remains relevant for artists working in this medium, not a relic of the pandemic era.

We invite you to update pages or engage in discussion about the information and examples here, trying where possible to link updates to your own experience. This site uses the same software used by Wikipedia (MediaWiki) so should be familiar to anyone who has updated a page on there before.

We aim for this site to include three main types of content:

  1. Notes about using specific pieces of software
  2. Challenges of live online performance and strategies and tools used to work creatively with these challenges, and
  3. Broad concepts of live online performance developed over the course of our work in this area, with links to other publications

We are new to hosting a wiki so still learning how best to link things together - any suggestions are welcomed!

While many of the examples in this site are from our Lockdown Jams, we welcome the addition of examples from other creators, and particular those which demonstrate diversity among their artists.

Caitlin Rowley is the principal contact for this project. You can contact her via either the Bastard Assignments website or

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