Control position of performer windows


The position of performers onscreen is dependent on two things:

  • Who is recording the session and
  • The order performers entered the meeting

The position of performers can therefore be manipulated by using the Waiting Room feature – whoever is to appear in the top right corner should be recording the session and should be meeting owner. Once all performers are in the Waiting Room, the meeting owner can then let them in. Four performers will be positioned as follows based on their entry in this order:

  1. Top right (meeting owner, recording)
  2. Top left
  3. Bottom left
  4. Bottom right

Google Meet

We have not yet fathomed how to manipulate performer order in Google Meet’s grid view – it appears to be random – please update this if you have other information.

When participants are in breakout rooms and then these rooms are closed, it seems that they are released into the main call room by room, lining up left to right and top to bottom. Not sure if this is consistent though.